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NEWS | Aug. 27, 2022

Christmas came Early for one Soldier at Warrior Games

By MaryTherese Griffin Army

For Team Army member Staff Sgt. Stacy Englert, waiting for the chance to compete at the 2022 Department of Defense Warrior Games was like waiting on Santa Clause to arrive.

“I’ve been so ready it’s been like waiting for Christmas and I’m ready to open those presents and get going,” said Englert, who is competing in shooting, golf, archery, swimming, and field events.

It’s finally here and her family came from Virginia to support her. They marveled at this world of adaptive sports and this thing called Warrior Games.

“I love it!” said her mom, Barbara. “This is amazing. Everything they are doing and all the support for the athletes is just amazing, and we are so incredibly proud of Stacy.” Stacy’s family not only talked about the ‘wow’ factor of the games, but what it has done for Stacy as she recovers and overcomes.

“A thousand percent adaptive sports have helped her. She is calmer, more focused, and happier,” said her sister Bobbi Pominville. Pominville went on to say she notices even more of a difference in her sister Stacy with the variety of programs afforded to her at the Joint Base Lewis McChord Soldier Recovery Unit. “The way she talks about all the therapies from adaptive sports to equine therapy and glass blowing or art therapy, they all make a difference in the way she lives today.”

Her mom agreed on the difference she’s seen in Stacy since joining the JBLM SRU. “She’s gone through a lot, and we are so proud of her and the hard work she’s done.”

Working hard included months of training in all the sports she is competing in during Warrior Games, but when asked what her favorite competition is, she said without a doubt shooting! “This mimics what we’ve done in the army at the ranges so it’s my thing,” said Englert.

Englert is a positive force for her teammates with encouragement and as well as her own personal focus. “Just be in the moment and have fun! I want to do well but I want to cheer on my teammates and make sure they are having fun too,” she said with a smile, then took off to compete in shooting.

Englert says she is competing for her dad who died of a heart attack five years ago and credits him with her ability to golf and shoot.

“I think this is going to be her best event because she practices and is so passionate about shooting,” said her uncle Billy Buchanan.

He was correct. Englert took Gold in shooting, making it the first gold medal win for Team Army at this year’s Warrior Games.

Merry Christmas Stacy!