Assistant Wheelchair Rugby Coach Ross Alewine shows Spc. Colin Matthews a blocking technique for safety at the goal line.
SSG (R) Jason Smith plays the adaptive sport of wheelchair rugby on Team Army.
(Photo courtesy Spc. Matthew Peite) Spc. Peite learning how to wake surf!
(Photo courtesy Ariel Baily) Cpl. (R) Joshua Justice participates in Adaptive Golf at the Ft. Stewart Soldier Recovery Unit.
(Photo by MaryTherese Griffin) Captain Jessica Campion and Sgt Finlahy Cortez-Powers in a scrimmage at wheelchair rugby camp.
Army Specialist (R) Anthony Farve plays wheelchair basketball on Team Army at the 2018 Department of Defense Warrior Games in Colorado Springs.
Tim Bomke at Sitting Volleyball Practice for Team Army 2018.
t’s often said to have a comeback you have to have a setback. Sgt. 1st Class (R) Lavone Kendrick’s setback to come back was over twenty years in the making and she is living her truth today trying to help others.
SFC (R) Dave Iuli leads Team Army in a Haka chant at the 2017 DOD Warrior Games in Chicago
Army Sgt, David Crook holds the discus he sent sailing into the stands at Soldier Field during the 2017 Department of Defense Warrior Games in Chicago
Capt. (Ret.) Kenny Rodgers and Jedi.
In her spare time, Christina Truesdale was a celebrity dancer at a charity event for Fisher house in Portland Oregon in October 2022. Complete with an adaptive ankle brace, she and her partner Declan Grover wowed the crowd in the “Dancing for Heroes” Gala.
Specialist Jacob Wilson at his most recent promotion ceremony
Sgt. Erica Jennings (foreground) working with Fort Stewart SRU Soldiers.
When you are an athlete on Team Army you know the drill, what is expected of you, and that’s what you work toward, hopefully earning a few medals along the way.
ench Impressionist, Edgar Degas said, “Art is not what you see but what you make others see.” Soldiers at the Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM) Soldier Recovery Unit (SRU) are making others see how resilient they are through many mediums. The JBLM Resilience Art Show gave them that opportunity and it happened by chance.
Sgt. Brian "Big Country" Conwell during discus practice at the 2022 Department of Defense Warrior Games in Orlando Florida.
Sgt. (R) Tanner Sirrine Kayaking.
Sgt. Kevin Reyes is ready to suit up and swim with aquatic life at the Georgia Aquarium
The Minard Family, White Water Kansas