How to use the 6-Step Process

Within each step found in our 6-step process our service member Caregivers will find a list of topics that have been curated to support them with preparatory information to assist the Caregiver, their family, and their Soldier to a successful journey to recovery. Each step of the process will explore some of the unique challenges a Caregiver will be presented with throughout your Soldier's recovery process. Our intent is to provide you a sample structure, guide you to various support and integration points within your Army care team, and introduce you to solutions provided by other Soldier Caregivers.

Chart your journey and build a deeper understanding of your path

By using these 6-steps as milestones that align to your Soldier's path we will show you just how far you have come as a Caregiver along with your Soldier. During each step our curated resources will assist you with meeting the needs of those you are supporting; including yourself. As you interact with various topics you will be provided with context of why it is important for you to consider this topic at this point during your Soldier’s recovery and where you can go to learn more.