Once you arrive at the medical facility, you will be reunited with your Soldier and be introduced to your Soldier’s primary physician and medical team, Soldier Recovery Unit Liaison, and Soldier Leadership. These will be some of the first people you will meet who have already been a part of your Soldier’s inpatient team. You may need time to reflect on the journey you have made so far as a Caregiver and realize that your arrival to the hospital is one of the most important parts of your Soldier’s recovery process.

What to Expect

The time spent with your Soldier and their Inpatient team will depend on the evaluations made by the primary Physician. This evaluation is based on your Soldier's medical needs and the hospital specialists supporting your Soldier's inpatient stay. Because every Soldier’s condition is unique, your role as an inpatient caregiver is also unique. Throughout your journey you will come to learn much more about your Soldier's recovery plan, recovery timeline, and response to medications and treatments. Throughout the Inpatient process you will meet many experts dedicated to helping you and your Soldier understand the support required and available.