Step 1 - Notification

The following list is a general guideline and preparatory roadmap of the Notification Process. Always consult with your liaison from the Casualty and Mortuary Affairs Office for answers to your specific questions.

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The Army’s support for its Caregivers Trisign Memorandum


Across the globe there are military members actively serving and participating in a wide variety of operations to include training, disaster relief, international peace keeping missions, and deployments to hostile war zones. Despite every effort to keep service members safe – accidents, illness and injuries may happen as a result of their service while at home station or while serving abroad. If you are contacted by the military about your Soldier who has been wounded, ill, or injured while actively serving in the military you may be requested to provide Caregiver support on behalf of your Soldier and your family. There are a series of steps you will need to go through as the Caregiver for your Solider. The first step is the notification. During the notification Step there are a series of actions you will be asked to complete.

Why are you being contacted?

The Notification Process is dictated by the DD-Form 93 your Soldier completed and defines the Point of Contact notified in the event the Soldier is wounded, injured, or becomes ill. The notification process begins with a phone call to point of contact to inform them of their wounded, injured, or ill service member. The Casualty and Mortuary Affairs Operations Division (CMAOD) Liaison Officer (LNO) will be your first official representative to contact the point of contact. During your conversation with the LNO you will learn more about the Soldier’s status. The LNO will do their best to provide answers to your questions but may need to limit their responses to protect the mission and other fellow Soldiers.

What to Consider during the Notification Process

During the notification step it is helpful to take notes. If possible, make sure you take very detailed notes you can refer to later. From this point forward you will need to focus on your Soldier's current state and how to support them on the path to recovery.