Step 3 - Outpatient

The following list is a general guideline and preparatory road map of the Outpatient process: Always consult with the a liaison from your Soldier Recovery Unit (SRU), Primary Care Physician, or Nurse Case Manager for answers to your specific questions.

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The Army’s support for its Caregivers Trisign Memorandum


When you enter the outpatient process you will have an intake meeting with your team. At this point your role as a Caregiver will change to occasional visits to the hospital. You and your Soldier will be working together on rehabilitation away from medical facilities that may include equipment and configurations in your home. One of your most important documents is your multi-disciplinary plan of care for your Soldier. As you continue to understand your family's needs and your Soldier's obligations this plan of care will need to be updated and managed so that it provides you the best understanding of how you will move forward with your Soldier.

The Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Team (PMR) are there to guide you by providing a holistic approach for your Soldier.

For some Caregivers the outpatient process can be the most challenging part of their caregiving experience. Depending on your situation you may be in charge of the Soldier’s 24 hour care. Your care team will be there to guide you, however, it is important to be aware that life at home with your Soldier may have you and your family working through an adjustment period. Here are some steps that have proven useful to some of our caregivers that can act as a starting point.