Step 5 - Prepare for Retirement or Continuing to Serve

No matter what your Soldier decides, continue to be supportive and respect their decision. Just as they decided to enter into service, they will need to determine how and if they continue their service.

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Once the Soldier has gone through their evaluation process and established their new status, they are ready to determine their path forward. There are two options a Soldier can choose from: Retirement or continuing to serve with the Army through their aligned Army component (Active Duty, Army Reserve, or National Guard).

If the Soldier chooses retirement, they will need to work with the Human Resource Command Retirement Office to submit the appropriate paperwork and sign their letter of retirement, and formally detach from Army service. The Retirement Office will help the Soldier transition from service status to veteran status. At this point the Soldier will be introduced to their Veterans Affairs offerings and have the opportunity to submit their request for benefits.

If the Soldier chooses to remain in service, they will work with the Human Resource Command to explore new work options and locations that may be more beneficial to their personal, medical, and physical requirements. The Soldier may select from a series of job offerings and tradecrafts aligned to their needs while they continue to serve.